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Welcome everyone!

I’m a human, born in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Studied in Saint Petersburg State University, faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics,
got PhD in computer science in 2009.
Moved to Munich, Germany in 2011.

Together with my wife Viktoria raising our son Alexej (born (!) July 4th 2014).

I’m working in software/IT for more than 15 years. At JetBrains since 2004. Participat{ing|ed} in ReSharper, TeamCity, Upsource, Toolbox App and other (yet) internal projects.

Write code in different languages, including (but not limited to) Java, C/C++, Kotlin, Go, Javascript, C#.

You may find some of my thoughts on Blog and Projects pages, or ping me via any of social networks listed the site footer.

Spend my free time with family, travelling, taking courses on Coursera, doing open-source and/or fun projects.

I also talk on conferences.

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Eugene Petrenko