About me

I’m working in software development and IT for more than 15 years. At JetBrains since 2004. Participat{ing|ed} in ReSharper, TeamCity, Upsource, Toolbox App and other (yet) internal projects.

I write code daily in different languages, including (but not limited to) Kotlin, Java, C/C++, Go, Javascript.

You may find some of my thoughts on Blog and Projects pages, or ping me via any of social networks listed the website footer.

I spend my free time with family, traveling, taking courses on Coursera and edX, doing open-source and/or fun projects. Check out my GitHub profile. I play in codefights. You may check out my LinkedIn profile.

I like to talk at conferences.

Saint Petersburg, Russia is the city I grew up. I studied at Saint Petersburg State University, at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics. In 2009 I got Ph.D. in computer science in 2009.

Nowadays I live in Munich, Germany.

Eugene Petrenko bio photo