Digging into Source Safe Automation

Actually I have the problem to realize the name of the item that was added to the project. I receive IVSSVersions, iterate through it got IVSSVersion. This object represent all info of the current chage.

All information about change can be received by IVSSVersion::get_Action(BSTR*) method. I do not want to describe the troubles of parsing that string. I just want to show the case where there is no way to realize what is up. It is about VSS 6.0 and 'Added ' action.

I found out quite the same article on the problem here: http://www.eggheadcafe.com/forumarchives/vsnetvss/Sep2005/post23722335.asp

Moreover, it is fixed in VSS2005, but I need to solve it for VSS 6.0.

As the matter of fact, for that change it assocites parent project. So I can get the logic behind it, but, the only way for me is to try comparing items in that project on the version that is reported and the previous version. Looks promising, don't it?

But, as I noticed, some bulk additions may broke the versioning for the parent project. That means you will recieve THE SAME SETS of items for either current version or previous version, neglecting the fact of 'Added' change.

Any idea on how to coupe with it?
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