About me

Hello, I’m Eugene Petrenko, human. You may also know me as @jonnyzzz. In real life, I’m also Evgeny Petrenko and Евгений Петренко.

I work developer advocate at JetBrains who likes software development, speaking at conferences, blogging and creating new systems.

I spoke at many events and I’ll be happy to speak at your event (say on Kotlin or Kotlin/Native) too, feel free to reach me out via twitter or email to me at jonnyzzz.com.


Eugene is a developer advocate at JetBrains, software developer, speaker, and blogger. His interests include software development, distributed systems design, cloud computing, and programming languages. Eugene holds a PhD in computer science; he writes code in Kotlin, Go, Java, C/C++, Kotlin/Native, and JavaScript. A Kotlin fan for years, he started using Kotlin before 1.0 and completed his first production Kotlin app back in 2013.

You may find several photos of me here and there. The best photo for conference sites.


German Language B2 from Goethe Institute, Munich, Germany.

And few more certificates at my LinkedIn Profile

Human Story

I’m working in software development and IT field for more than 15 years.

At JetBrains since 2004. Participated in several well-known products, including ReSharper, TeamCity, Upsource, Toolbox App and other (yet) internal projects.

I write code daily in different languages, including (but not limited to) Kotlin, Java, C/C++, Go, JavaScript.

You may find some of my idea and texts on Blog, projects, talks and contributions. Most of experiments land to my GitHub profile.

Saint Petersburg, Russia is the city I grew up. I studied at Saint Petersburg State University, at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics. I got Ph.D (in russian) in computer science in 2009.

I live in Munich, Germany.

Eugene Petrenko bio photo