Window/Mono tests running

I had to debug/fix my .NET application under Linux/Mono. That was nice to find Suse VMWare images just on web site.

Unfortunately, I failed to compile my project under Mono. C# compiler crashed. So no chance that to develop and debug code. I played a little with Mono packages under Suse, but failed.

I mounted samba shared folder under mono and started running tests with NUnit gui. I was strange to be compared with R#'s Unit Test Runner. Anyway, thanks to NUnit gui I managed to reproduce failed tests and fixed them.

Disappointing was that Mono failed to fetch source code references from .NET Framework generated .pdb files. So all stackstaces were without code links.

And finally, that was really cool to use VMWare's Unity. I used Linux running NUnit gui just as an ordinary (with a little bit strange UI) windows application! It was possible to alt-tab back and forth. Amazing!

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