NuGet for TeamCity plugin BREAKING CHANGE

I've committed a BREAKING CHANGE to NuGet Plugin for TeamCity.

As it turned out, for some databases TeamCity starts throwing data truncation warnings into server logs for too long run type name that could not be saved. Those warnings were caused by NuGet Packages Installer build runner.

The only way to fix the issue is to change run type of the build runner to new shorter string. I had to do that change.

This would not affect your setup if you have no NuGet Packages Installer build runner used in your TeamCity instance.

After you upgrade to new version of NuGet support plugin, TeamCity will complain about unknown build runner. To fix the issue you need to remove erroneous build steps and recreate them.

If you feel you know how TeamCity uses project-config.xml, feel free to patch it on your own risk to replace old run type to new one!
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