TeamCity.ServiceMessages v3.0

In this post I describe recent changes of TeamCity.ServiceMessages library. I wrote about the library here, here and here

I published TeamCity.ServiceMessages v3.0 package which provides API for generating TeamCity specific service messages. Service messages are described in the documentation page

What's new in 3.0

In the version 3.0 of TeamCity.ServiceMessages I added support for TeamCity's flowId. Starting from this version you may log messages from several concurrently running threads. All you need is to call openFlow() method to make the library know you log messages from different thread.

The library is designed to provide validation assertions to disallow breaking the designed way of service messages reporting.

You may also open custom flow within tests suite

There were some changes to the classes of the library, that is why I called the version 3.0

Changes in 2.0

Added support of service message to report build problem

Changes in 3.0, 2.0 and 1.0

I made ReSharper annotation classes internal in order to avoid confusions

Now the package contains build for .NET 3.5 and build for .NET 4.0

Build configurations were moved to


The library is compiled for .NET 3.5 and/or .NET 4.0. It is available as NuGet package:
PM> Install-Package TeamCity.ServiceMessages

Sources are available at GitHub. I setup a build configuration at

Thanks to TeamCity support for NuGet, it automatically publishes the library as NuGet package to

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