Adding Grunt Support to TeamCity.Node

In this post I cover recent updates that I done to TeamCity.Node plugin. I blogged about the plugin here. Grunt support is added to the plugin!

Grunt Runner implementation

By default, this runner will only run on a build agent that has Node.js detected. This is quite handy since Node.js is required to run Grunt

The Grunt runner checks if you have grunt and grunt-cli dependency in your project's NPM packages repository. (If you don't, you may add Node.js NPM runner to download dependencies for you!). Next it computes an executable path to run Grunt

Runner settings UI looks in the following way:

This plugin also provides support for Node.js, Node.js Package Manager (NPM) and Phantom.js

Downloading TeamCity.Node

This plugin is provided under Apache 2.0 license. Sources (in Kotlin) are found on GitHub. You may download compiled build from TeamCity

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