A post per 2 weeks

a process to blog regularly

From February 2017 I decided to update this blog regularly. It randomly turned out I update it once in 2 weeks.

By the time of this post, I have eight updates published on a regular basis.


To make sure I meet the pace, I decided to queue all posts. It may turn out I have a post that is left in a queue for weeks or months. Nevertheless, this reasonable, to make sure I will not have gaps in the schedule.

The actual post lifetime is the following

  • authoring the main content (several attempts)
  • proofreading (several attempts)
  • spellchecking & publishing

In average it takes 3-4 evenings for a post to be ready to go. I like to leave a post in a draft for some time. Fresh re-read always helps to improve.

I use Git repository and Markdown to store all my posts. There is the older post with more info on the technical part of the process.


This blog generates RSS feed with all contents. I have no idea, how many readers I have out of RSS.

All posts are also announced on Twitter / Facebook / VK. It looks like the best time for announcing is an evening in CET timezone, and morning in PDT. Posting in the CET morning does not play well on Twitter.

I update Facebook and VK. It mostly looks like there is no sense doing that, maybe I should measure that somehow.


I’m not using FeedBurner. Well, I decided to set it up. Hope it’ll shed light to the posts I write here.

I installed the FeedBurner feed on April, 15-th 2017. All RSS Feed readers of the older feed were kindly asked to switch to another RSS Feed URL. It was not possible to implement good tracking without altering the URL for this static blog.



The site has Google Analytics. Let me show what I have out of the analytics.

Google Analytics

That is +37% in sessions, and +58% in users.


My goal is to share ideas, discoveries, and problems I solve. Now it is time for the feedback from you, my readers. If you read my stories, please, don’t hesitate to share what you think in comments.

You may also follow me on Twitter

I will be happy to have feedback from you, my readers

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