Terraform Wrapper

Use Terraform without install

It is always a problem to have the right tools installed. Right versions often mean the versions specific to a given project or branch. What if you need several at a time?

I like to zero-configuration approach, where one does not change the global state of the machine. And it plays nicely if you have several working machines too!

Here is what I do to use Terraform in bash, tested on macOS:


DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd )"
TERRAFORM_ROOT="$(cd "$DIR" && cd .. && pwd)"
AWS_ROOT="$(cd ~/.aws && pwd)"

docker run \
          --rm \
          -it \
          --dns $(dig +short <YOUR DNS> | tail -1) \
          --volume "$TERRAFORM_ROOT:$TERRAFORM_ROOT" \
          --volume "$AWS_ROOT:/root/.aws:ro" \
          --workdir "$(pwd)"  \
          hashicorp/terraform:${TERRAFORM_VERSION} $*

I code Terraform scripts in IntelliJ IDEA with the amazing plugin done by a friend of mine: Terraform Support plugin .

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