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Building Self-Contained Toolset with Gradle


22 June 2016, talk

Consider a toolset, which helps to edit configuration files. For a given list of configuration files it generates source code in Kotlin. From the compiled source code it generates configuration files back. Editing the generated source code in IDE helps to view, change, refactor and test configuration easier. The setup of such a toolset from scratch is usually complicated. It contains a tricky IDE configuration, dependency resolution, source code compilation, classpath construction and test running.

The complexity makes such a toolset hard to use in practice and in continuous integration. Our goal is to simplify the setup. For this purpose we created an opensource Gradle plugin which will be discussed in this talk. The talk contains examples and tips that illustrate how one can hide and reuse tricky details and turn a domain specific toolset into a easy-to-use self-contained piece of software


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