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Kotlin for curious C# developers

NDC Minnesota 2018

09 May 2018, talk

There is a lot of talk about Kotlin here and there. Kotlin is a statically typed programming language for multiplatform applications.

Here is the reason: just like C# it provides amazing features to remove ceremony and boost productivity. But how to get started? What tools do I need? Am I using the idiomatic or the best syntax to solve my problem?

In this talk, Maarten, a curious C# developer, and Eugene, a Kotlin developer, sit together and tour the Kotlin ecosystem and language, comparing the latest C# 7.2 code with Kotlin, all in the IDE with live coding.

You’ll walk away knowing more about nice and powerful language features of both languages, and as a curious C# developer who now knows how to start with Kotlin.


Need a speaker? Eugene is happy to speak at your event, training, or workshop. Reach him via twitter or email “me” at jonnyzzz.com.

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