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Kotlin Deep Dive

Devoxx Belgium

13 November 2018, talk

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language for modern multiplatform applications language.

We start with the basics, the introduction into the language. We discuss language features in deep and cover DSLs. You’ll see how static typed DSLs are created and you will be able to understand the magic behind it.

Next, we switch to coroutines in Kotlin and explain how a suspend functions help. You’ll learn how ‘suspend’ functions and Kotlin coroutines are used to simplify callback driven programming and help to turn callback-style code it to a linear looking code.

With Kotlin you can compile your code for JVM, Android, iOS, Mac, and JS. With multiplatform projects, you may easily reuse Kotlin code between platforms. You’ll see how same Kotlin code is used in JS, JVM, Android, and iOS.


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