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Indexing or How We Made Indexes Shared and Faster

IntelliJ IDEA Conf

26 February 2021, talk

Indexing is what IntelliJ IDEA needs to do to learn all about the project we open. This is the cost we pay to make the IDE smart so that it can help us with our daily tasks, be that for reading, writing, completion, navigation, renaming symbols, or refactoring our code.

Can we make IntelliJ IDEA index our projects faster? Many times faster? YES! Join Eugene to learn more!

We start the talk with a basic explanation of what indexing does in IntelliJ IDEA and how indexes are used by smart features. Next, we’ll discuss how we can share indexes and shorten the indexing time. What indexes are shared or how they are delivered to an IDE is our next topic. You’ll learn about our experiments and outcomes and see how the IntelliJ IDEA codebase indexing time has been halved recently.

As an outcome, you’ll learn how to apply this to all your projects.


Need a speaker? Eugene is happy to speak at your event, training, or workshop. Reach him via twitter or email “me” at jonnyzzz.com.

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